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Caltex is currently transitioning its name to Ampol. It will be business as usual for the time being for all customers of Caltex, including StarCard customers.

Consumers can expect to see the first newly branded stores to be rolled out in 2021 with the transition to Ampol to be completed over the next three years. 

As we transition to the Ampol brand, your AmpolCard will be accepted across our entire network of over 1,900 Caltex and Ampol branded locations, including Woolworths Metro and Foodary outlets, plus 240 truck stops Australia-wide.

Purtill Service Stations use pre-paid StarCash

StarCash is a prepaid card. It can be used to buy fuel as well as a whole array of convenience goods at over 1,900 locations across Australia. Think of StarCash as a cash replacement. There’s no credit approval needed when you’re purchasing with it. And it comes in handy in case of emergency. When you use a StarCash card, the remaining balance and card expiry date are displayed on your receipt, so you can keep track of what you’ve spent and what you have left to spend. It’s a great way to stay on budget.

You don’t even have to limit StarCash cards to yourself. You can buy StarCash cards as a personal gift for family or friends; or as a business gift. StarCash cards are frequently used as staff incentives and promotional prizes.

Where can I purchase StarCash?
From our Head Office at 174 Hardinge Street, Deniliquin or at participating Caltex and Ampol service stations. StarCash is available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, $250 and $500.

StarCash tips

  • Keep your StarCash in a safe place. StarCash is the same as using cash so if it’s lost or stolen it can’t be replaced.
  • Make a note of your card number. If you know this number, the card can be cancelled upon request.
  • StarCash can only be redeemed at stores that have operating EFTPOS facilities and can only be used electronically.
  • If your total purchase exceeds the stored value remaining on the card, the difference can be made up with cash only.

To find your nearest retailer, download the mobile app.