Purtill Group

Premium Fuels & Diesel

We depend on our engines to get us where we need to go, so it’s important to keep them performing at their best. Caring for your engine starts with a drop. A drop that cleans and protects your engine as you drive, helping you get the most from every tank.  


Extra Low Sulphur Diesel (XLSD) has a sulphur content of less than 10ppm, making it suitable for diesel engines designed to meet the latest European and American emission standards and those equipped with exhaust after-treatment devices. 

It also meets or exceeds the Fuel Injection Equipment Manufacturers’ recommendation for diesel fuel lubricity.

Vortex Premium Diesel is a high performance diesel designed to meet increasing demands of new diesel engines. Its unique, advanced formulation keeps hard-working engines healthier for longer.

In addition its powerful cleaning agent and rust inhibitor, Vortex Premium Diesel also features a specially added foam inhibitor to provide a cleaner and faster fill.


Cleans and protects your engine.

Premium 95 includes a unique advanced additive formulation with cleaning agent, friction reducer, and rust inhibitor, specifically designed to improve and maintain performance.


For optimum engine performance.

Premium 98 is our highest-octane rating Premium Unleaded Petrol.

Designed with the latest engine innovations in mind, it contains a technologically advanced additive package that will clean and protect your engine’s fuel system to help it perform at its very best.

Premium 98 has 25% more cleaning agent, friction reducer Premium 95. It is suitable for all vehicles designed to run on unleaded petrol.